My Beloved Pups!

This is my first blog post, so I wanted to start by telling you about my two dogs. One of my dogs is a black lab named Kate, and my other dog is a Siberian Husky named Mika.  Personally, I like Kate more than Mika because she is much more loving and playful. I still love Mika, but she is a very moody dog, as most Huskies are. Kate enjoys getting constant attention, and loves tennis balls – along with fetching them.  But the thing she likes the most is food.  While Mika, on the other hand, tries to escape from our yard daily, and succeeds frequently. The job of finding her often falls on me.  I have to drive or walk around the neighborhood calling her name and hoping she will respond.


A day in the life of my pups is fairly simple. Every morning before school one family member lets both dogs out and feeds them. They play outside for a while. Next comes the morning walk around the neighborhood.  After the walk they usually sleep for a while outside on the patio.  Then they play around the yard together until I come home from surfing. Then, My mom and I take them to the park and watch them play with each other, along with the other neighborhood dogs.  Kate is usually fetching the ball at this time, while Mika is trying to get her to play with her.  After Mika realizes that Kate won’t play with her, she starts to hump her to show that she is angry and dominant. We then take them home after a long afternoon of running, and feed them while they slowly fall asleep on their beds for the night.

Both of them have suffered very serious health conditions.  When we first got Mika she had ongoing illnesses and diseases that the breeder did not tell us about.  She lived in the hospital for a while due to all of her problems, and came extremely close to dying a couple times. For example, we had to give her a blood transfusion and multiple surgeries.  Kate was also very close to death about two months ago.  She swallowed a plastic bone and her intestines got plugged.  Kate stopped eating and we had to take her to the hospital.  She stayed in the hospital for about a week and then we got bad news.  They said she was going to die if she did not have surgery immediately. She had the surgery and ended up being fine. Stay tuned for more stories about my dogs in the future!

















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