Great Weekend Swell!

Last weekend there was a big swell, and I surfed a lot! On Friday, I surfed out in front of the Coral Casino.  After school I drove down to the Coral to check the waves and bumped into Adam Lambert, who is a local pro in Santa Barbara. Lambert was with a couple of his buddies who are also pro.  We all ended up surfing out front of the Coral Casino and got some fun waves, but then the crowd started to pick up. Dane Reynolds, Conner Coffin, and some of the top Ventura kids paddled out.  Just before I was going to paddle in I saw Decker McAllister and Dane Holroyd paddling out, so I opted to stay and surf with them for a while.  As the session went on the conditions got worse and worse, so I got out of the water.

On Saturday I surfed the Coral for a bit, but the wind ruined it just as Jace and I paddled out.  We both surfed for about one hour, then got out of the water and made our way over to the Coral Casino.  We relaxed in the steam and swam for a little bit, then ate a huge meal.  The food put us both into a deep food coma and we slowly fell asleep on the chairs.

On Sunday, I surfed two different sessions.  I surfed out front of the Coral Casino again with my friends, Jace and Connor.  The waves looked a lot better than they actually were.  About 25 minutes into the session Connor and I went in and put are boards on the beach and ended up body surfing down the beach.  Jace continued surfing because he paddled out after us and wanted to catch some waves.  While we were body surfing, Connor and I watched Dane Reynolds walk up the beach.  We both made our way back to the spot where Jace was waiting for us.  We sat on the beach for about 20 minutes and watched Dane Reynolds catch a couple of waves, which is always a fun thing to do.

After surfing out front of the Coral Casino, Jace, Connor and I made are way to Sandbar (better known as Sandpit) and surfed until dark.  The waves were small, but very fun with a light and fun crowd.  It was very easy to catch waves because we knew everybody in the water.  We were switching off waves while watching the sunset until the light disappeared.  I then quickly came in to the beach, changed out of my wetsuit and headed home after a long weekend of surfing.










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