The Park!


image (2).jpegEveryday, right at sunset, I take my two dogs down to the Ennisbrook Park.  Both dogs know when its time to go, and they often remind me! The park is only about a one minute drive from my house, but the dogs love to ride in the back of our truck.  We put Mika and Kate in the bed of the truck and start our journey.  When we arrive at the park, I can hear Kate from inside the truck jumping and barking in the outside bed. When I drop the tailgate, both dogs fly out immediately.  Mika, the Husky, usually sprints off and starts playing with the other neighborhood dogs, while Kate is right by my side waiting for me to throw her yellow tennis ball.

At the park there are usually at least four or five other local dogs that all know each other, and are happy to play together.  Mika is an alpha dog, which is really funny to watch because many of the other dogs are also alpha and they all try to show their dominance by humping each other.  Kate, our black Lab, is very passive and does not want anything to do with all of the other dogs. She just runs after the yellow tennis ball, which she never takes her eyes off, until she physically can’t run anymore.  She then finds the greenest patch of grass at the park and lays down panting with her tongue hanging out.

Sometimes Mika will run away at the park when no one is looking.  I then have to go around the neighborhood searching for her by calling her name and just hoping that she will run out of the bushes.  She usually reappears fairly quick and bolts right by me on her way back to the park.  After my mom and I think the dogs are too tired to run anymore, we drop the tailgate and both dogs jump right in because they know dinner is waiting for them at home.  On occasion, while we are driving home, we have Mika run behind the truck.  Sometimes she does not get enough exercise at the park because she is too proud to constantly chase the ball like Kate.  But this is a huge risk because cars are often coming in the other direction and they could easily run Mika over.

When we pull into our driveway the dogs are always anxious to get inside, eat, and drink some water.  After they inhale their food and water, they stagger over to their stuffed beds and sleep for the remaining part of the evening.  The park is a very important part of their daily routine and if we miss an afternoon for some reason, its eaimage-1.jpegsy to tell that both pups are very disappointed.  They love the park!

image (1).jpeg



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