Last weekend I had an SSS (Scholastic Surf Series) surf contest at Summers Beach.  SSS is a league where high school surf teams can compete against each other.  My heat was at 8:00am, therefore I had to wake up at about 6:40 to get down to the beach on time.  It is about a 25 minute drive from my house.  While I was driving down, I saw the lack of swell out in the water which was disappointing, and brought me to think that Summers Beach would be dead flat.  I pulled up to the beach and did not see a single wave, which was due to the very high tide.  I ended up putting the backseats in my car down and crawled into my sleeping bag.  As I was just getting to sleep, my buddy Jace opened the car door.  He informed me about the contest delay due to the high tide and lack of waves.  We both sat in my car and listened to music until our heat was closer to starting – an hour behind schedule.

We then put on our wetsuits and started walking down to the beach.  We heard the horn and began to paddle out.  The heat was on, but the waves were barely contestable.  Jace and I still managed to get a few and make it on to the next round.  After the heat we went and got breakfast as Esau’s in Carpinteria.  We got back to the beach right before our next heat and scrambled to put our wetsuits on.  As the day went on the waves got progressively worse, and the wind picked up.  Jace and I managed to make it to the finals.  I had my wetsuit on for most of the day, which got pretty annoying due to wetsuit rash growing by the minute.  The waves seemed to get a little better as the final began.  Everyone managed to get a few waves, which was good for how bad it was.  I had a terrible heat and ended up getting 4th place.  Luckily, the Santa Barbara High surf team beat the opposing school (Ventura) by a long shot.  After the surf contest, I went home and immediately went to sleep due to waking up early and paddling hard all day.  This was the last contest of the year and it was awesome to have our surf team end with another victory.  We are the best team in our league, but lost to DP because our entire team was in Mexico on the MAD trip when we were scheduled to compete against them.  DP claims they won the league, but they know better then that!  Our team has great surfers in all categories; girls and guys, short boards and long boards, even body boards!


IMG_9392 copy.JPGIMG_9693.JPG











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