Spring Break!

My spring break was rather slow and relaxing.  I stayed at home for the whole break and did a lot of sleeping.  I only surfed about four times, and it was only good for two of the times. One of the highlights of my spring break was going up to Hollister Ranch two days in a row with my buddy Jeff Knell. Even though it was extremely windy, the waves were still very fun.  We surfed for about one hour and realized the that the waves were starting to get worse and the crowd was starting to grow every minute.  We quickly got out of the water and drove to another surf spot in Hollister Ranch.  The wind continued to rise, but there was nobody out, so Jeff and I decided to paddle out anyway.  We got to choose  the waves we wanted which was nice, but the waves were not amazing by any means.  We finished surfing are second session after about an hour and made our way to the warm showers. After we warmed up and got changed, we started our journey back home.  The very next day Decker Jeff and I decided to head up To Hollister Ranch again because the waves had picked up and the wind was down.  Once we arrived at the beach we saw my brother and his friend surfing which made me want to paddle out.  We surfed for about two hours, but then the crowd started to pick up again and the wind did to, so we decided to call it a day and go in.

Sunset at Hollister Ranch

For the rest of my spring break I watched a lot of T.V. and slept a lot.  Sadly, a bunch of my friends were out of town so I did not get a chance to hang out with a lot of them.  I mostly hung out with my buddy Shani.  We did not do anything to fun except for spending a day at the coral casino.  We swam, did some diving on diving board, relaxed in the jacuzzi, and ate a lot of food.  Before I knew it, it was sunday,  I remembered that school started the next day.  My mood changed from being happy to extremely angry and stressed.  I ended up preparing for the week of homework and had an early night so I would not be as tired in the morning.

Cool sunset photo over break
Fun barrel at a secret spot over break.












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