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Last weekend I was with Jace and Jeff. On Saturday, we were extremely bored, so we decided to play minecraft at Jeff’s house.  After about three hours we realized we should be outside doing something.  We decided to go for a swim in Jeff’s pool.  After a while of swimming around and talking, we decided to go to my house, eat dinner and go surf Hollister Ranch in the morning.  We were still extremely bored at my house, so we drank a couple energy drinks and prepared for a long night of playing Minecraft.  At about 2:30 in the morning Jeff and I decided to go sleep.  We woke up at about 8:00, packed our surf stuff up, and started our journey to Hollister Ranch.  We stopped at McDonalds to get some breakfast.image (3) We arrived at the ranch after about an hour of driving and saw that there was a lack of swell in the water.  The conditions were extremely good, the water was very clear, and the crowd was down so we decided to paddle out.  We surfed for about an hour at Lefts and rights and then drove over to the reef, better known as Saint Augustine’s, and paddled out.  Jeff, Jace, and I were the only ones out which was nice.  We saw a bunch of whales 100 yards from us breaching, which scared us, but was really cool.  We surfed for another two hours, until we were all sunburned and rashed up, then we made our way into the beach. We took a little brake and ate some food, then we decided to paddle back.  We surfed two fun shapes and messed around for about another hour.  The waves started to get smaller and the wind started to pick up so we all decided to paddle in.  We took our wet suits off and talked   for a little as we were watching the waves, we then got into the car and started our journey back home. I got home at about 4:00, did some Homework, and instantly fell asleep due to the lack of sleep and a long day of surfing in the sun with my friends.

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