Mountain Adventure

Last weekend, Jeff, Jace, Dane, and I went up to Hollister Ranch.  When we first arrived we surfed for about an hour until the wind picked up and the waves got worse. We then made our way up Sacate Cannon to Jeff’s ranch house to change out of our wetsuits and warm up.  After a while of sitting around at Jeff’s house, doing nothing, Jeff suggested that we go drive up into the mountains and check out the Indian caves.  I was thrilled and could not wait.  We were driving my dads Toyota Tundra, which was the perfect 4X4 vehicle.  As we were driving up the mountain, I was not expecting to see actual Indian caves, but as we neared the top of the mountain it was clear to me that they were actual Indian caves.  We parked the Tundra under a steep hill, gathered some water, put on our shoes and made our way up the hill.  After about five minutes of walking on a little trail, we arrived at a bunch of awesome indian caves with crazy views.  We all instantly took out our phones and started snapping photos.  Their were some caves that were extremely large and others that were just big enough to fit one person.  There were about seven caves that we got to sit in and enjoy the awesome view.  We explored this part of the mountain for about 45 minutes and then sat in the biggest cave, drinking water, talking, and taking in the amazing view.  After we took a bunch of photos and explored, we made our way back down the hill and to the Tundra.  We all piled in and kept driving in the mountains and checking out all the views, until we reached a road that took us back to the main road.  As we got to the main road we were all extremely tired and satisfied.  On the way home I let Jace drive partly because I wanted to sleep, but also because Jace really wanted to drive.  We promised each other that we would do this again in the future.





















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