Road Trip

Last week, Jeff and I woke up early on Friday morning for a surf contest up in Santa Cruz.  On Friday morning, I packed and drove over to Jeff’s house.  We arrived at his house packed all of our boards and clothes in his big van and started our mission up to Santa Cruz.  On the way to Santa Cruz we made multiple stops to get food.  After about 4 hours of driving we entered Big Sur.  I had never been to Big Sur, so Jeff’s dad (Jim) insisted that we stop at Salmon Creek, which has a waterfall and extremely cold water.  Jeff and I got into our wetsuits because we wanted to swim in it.  The water was so cold that I had to put on a 5:4:3 with booties and a hood.  After swimming around in the creek and jumping off the waterfall we decided to make our way back to the van and continue our trip.  We stayed in our wetsuits because Jeff and I wanted to surf Big Sur.  We ended up surfing a wave called Willow Creek.  The water was about 50 degrees and the waves were about 6 to 8 foot.  Our heads got so cold from the water that we had to paddle in.  We quickly got out of our wetsuits and bundled up in our warmest clothes.  We continued our journey to Santa Cruz. After about another 2 and a half hours of driving we stopped at an Army Surplus store and bought some cheap airsoft guns so we could shoot each other.  Before we got to Santa Cruz I broke both of them.  We showed up in Santa Cruz at about 7 and went straight to the hotel to change clothes and relax.  We watched a movie and went to bed.  The next morning we woke up extremely early for our surf contest.  The water in Santa Cruz was warmer than Big Sur so I did not wear booties or a hood.  In my first heat I ended up getting second and moved onto the semi finals.  I one my semi-final heat which placed me into the final.  Jeff and I were both in the final, which was fun because we got to mess with each other.  I ended up getting 4th place and Jeff got 1st place. We were both extremely tired, but wanted to go surf Big Sur again.  We went back to Big Sur and got some fun waves and called it a day.

View from Big Sur
view from a little hike



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