Kate at the Beach


Over the last couple of weeks, I have been taking Kate, my black lab, to the beach while I surf.  I recently took her to Hammonds beach with my dad.  As I put my wetsuit on, my dad walked Kate down to the beach.  I put my wetsuit on, grabbed my board and ran down to Hammonds.  As I was running down I saw Kate playing with two other dogs.  I made my way to the waters edge, and called for Kate.  She came running over to me, I played with her for a while and started to make my way out into the lineup.  Kate decided to follow me into the water, just as a wave came and pounded her.  I was laughing, but also worried..  I saw her head pop up from the water and I could tell she was extremely scared!  My dad called her in and she continued to play with a bunch of dogs on the beach.  I caught a couple of waves, then wanted to see if she would swim out into the ocean again.  I rode a wave into about five feet of water and called her name.  She came running into the water and swam to me without a problem. Just as she made it to me she turned around and swam on in.  I surfed until sunset and then called it a day.  My dad, Kate and I walked back to the truck and went home.  When we got home Kate was still extremely sandy, so I brought her to our outside shower and washed her off.  I could tell she did not like the shower so I opened our pool and let her go for a little swim.  This was a mistake on my part, because in a matter of seconds the pool was covered in Kate’s hair and there was sand everywhere.  I quickly took her out of the pool, dried her off and brought her inside.  Kate was tired from her long day at the beach and quickly fell asleep on her bed for the rest

image copy 3.jpeg
Getting ready to swim

of the night.

Kate getting ready to shower off


image copy 2.jpeg
















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